Emerson Nanigishkung (Emerson Benson)

Emerson Benson, from Rama, is of the Caribou clan. He has taught Ojibwe language and culture at the community school for ten years, and has brought his knowledge to the community about cultural events with honour and generosity. Emerson takes pride in pursuing his God-given right to the joy of song and dance.

Eugene Harry

Elder Eugene Harry (XiQuelem) is a member of the Cowichan Tribes. He is a Shaker Church minister in Squamish Nation and also works at Vancouver Native Health. He has been Cultural Advisor at the BC Aboriginal Child Care Society since 2007.

More information at http://livingmyculture.ca/people/elder-eugene/

Mike Scott

Finding the Warrior Within

Mike Scott presents a powerful power point presentation, “Finding The Warrior Within” which is based on the obstacles of his life. His story has been presented to over 300 communities in the past 5 years alone (2013-2018). Mike was in and out of the foster care system and never had a stable upbringing as a child; He has been through many obstacles in his short 28 years of life including incarceration at the age of 12, over dosing at the age of 17, becoming a single father at the age of 19 and tragically losing his mother at the age of 23. Mike has finally broken the dysfunctional cycles that have plagued his family for years. He now travels and shares these incredibly powerful stories, as a way to show youth and adults alike that positive change is possible! Benefactors from this presentation show the reality of addiction and motivate people to open their own eyes to the cycles they face. Empowering young people to start becoming their own leaders and paving a positive way for future generations. Inspiring adults to want a brighter future for their youth and giving them the tools necessary to be able to relate and understand from their point of view.

Mike’s message is:

“You can live a life full of depression if you want to, or you can change your position by changing yourself and learning to love who you were truly destined to be. Nothing is impossible and nothing is out of reach, only you can put a limit on what u need and deserve in this life. So be kind to yourself and have faith in a brighter day! Life is what you make of it”