Governance Framework Executive Summary (forthcoming)

A message to the church from the National Indigenous Council

The Indigenous Church is growing into something new.

There is a lesson from our siblings, the plants, which might be helpful in this time of transition.  A seed begins deep in the soil and lays down its roots.  While this is happening, the human sees nothing above ground. Then the plant breaks through the soil with its first tiny sprout. At that point, it is very hard to figure out what that plant will become. The gardener must be patient, provide the sustenance needed by the plant, and watch it grow in the fullness of time.

The gardener knows their knowledge and tools play only a very small part of the plants growth. Divine Wisdom and Mother Earth are the Master Gardeners.

In 2017 General Council 43 authorized the Aboriginal Ministries Council to serve as the National Indigenous Council until such time as the new organization is established at the National Indigenous Spiritual Gathering in August 2019. It is time now to offer the outcomes of our work to the church. For those of you committed to participating in the 2019 National Indigenous Spiritual Gathering the workbook on this website contains frameworks for the National Indigenous Organization and National Indigenous Elder’s Council and other related areas of work. The staff at the General Council are busily preparing spaces for individuals and communities to engage, study, discussion, and discern.

We have given the seed all the wisdom and nurturing, we can and it is growing. Like the gardener, we too await its becoming. In addition, we have remembered the wise ones that came before us who had hope for the future.

May we move into our future rooted in faith that future generations and we are indeed held safe in Creator’s hands.

National Indigenous Council,

George Montour, Chair
Lawrence Sankey, Chair
Teresa Burnett-Cole
Russel Burns
Lee Claus
Susan Gabriel
Norma General-Lickers

Gabrielle Lamouche
Lori Lewis
Susan McPherson-Derendy
Beatrice McPherson
Tricia Monague
Herbert Russell
Janet Sigurdson