National Indigenous OrganizationNational Indigenous Elders CouncilOffice of VocationSetting Priorities for the Triennium
1. Framework
2. Working Groups
3. Appointments
4. Name of the Organization
1. Framework
2. Appointments
3. Name of the National Indigenous Elders Council
1. Affirm the reappointment of the current members of the Provisional Indigenous Candidacy Board
2. Name this body going forward
1. The Calls to the Church
2. Indigenous Justice advocacy priorities
3. Financial model
4. Consultation on an Indigenous region
5. Other emerging issues


First light of a new day

We are coming together to make decisions about our future.



A series of webinars will occur in late June and early July that will provide participants of the Spiritual Gathering, and others, the opportunity to engage in the frameworks developed by the National Indigenous Council. Watch for dates!


Reflect and discuss

Spiritual Gathering participants are asked to engage their communities of faith in the material contained in the workbook, and to bring their concerns and ideas to the Gathering.



Those at the Spiritual Gathering will build consensus on matters through discussion, in silence, in song, in ceremony, and in prayer. We can rely on our teachers and healers to guide us.



We will make decisions and build consensus on matters that effect Indigenous peoples in The United Church of Canada.